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Thank you for visiting Shaffia Bengals. First let us introduce ourselves. We are a small cat breeder specialising in brown Bengal cats and the silver rosette Bengals known as the silver Bengal. Shaffia cat breeding has been a hobby breeder since 2008 when we purchased our very first brown rosette cat, Queen Princess Asia from Silverglitz & Goldnlitz Bengal cat breeders.
For 2 years we have worked with this beautiful queen and she had continued to produce outstanding litters of Bengal kittens paired with our stud Bengal who is named Halloween Pumpkin. Our second rosette Bengal queen, Shaffia, came from one of these outstanding litters. 
As a conscientious Bengal cat breeder our sole aim is to produce kittens that not only have the super looks of their parents with outstanding prominent markings, but which also have excellent temperaments. The Shaffia cat breeding facilities are fully heated with a cattery that includes plenty of toys for the kittens to enjoy which also keeps them active and healthy. All kittens are used to children from an early age. Shaffia Bengals are members of both the Bengal CAT Club of Great Britain and TICA.
We have provided plenty of information on this beautiful and exotic breed of cat, just click on any of the links to read more about our brown Bengal cats, rosette Bengals and silver Bengal cats, plus Shaffia cat breeding in general. We also offer the latest news via the press release link. We have also presented a link to A Coombs pet centre who we highly recommend for all your needs when it comes to taking care of your new kitten.


Shaffia Bengals - Bengal Cat Breeders

Please take the time to glance through the wonderful photos of the stunning Bengal cats at Shaffia Bengals. Anyone considering purchasing a Bengal should take the time to check out our new breeding queen for 2011, an adorable blue eyed snow named Spotticatz Coco Chanel. We are extremely excited about the new addition to Shaffia cat breeding as we will be able to offer blue eyed snow Bengals along with brown Bengal cats, silver Bengal and rosette Bengals.

Bengal Cats - Litter of Kittens Available

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Bengal Cat Bredding Information

How big is a typical adult Bengal Cat?

The typical average female Bengal cat weighs aproximately 6 to 8, whilst the mail Bengal Cat, approximately 9 to 15 pounds...

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Choosing the sex of a Bengal Kitten..... what is best for me?

Do male bengal cats spray? Do they smell? Do male bengals and female bengal cats have heat cycles? What age do they need neutered or sayed?

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Do bengals make noises like siamese cats?


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