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Shaffia Bengals - About Us...Shaffia Bengals have been in the business of Bengal cat breeder since 2008 when we purchased our superb queen, Princess Asia from the Bengal cat breeding business of Silverglitz & Goldnlitz. This superb brown rosette queen has provided us with four outstanding litters of kittens that have fantastic clearly defined rosette marking that these cats are known for, along with temperaments of the very best. 

We take great pride in offering cat lovers the chance to purchase excellent quality rosette Bengal kittens that come from excellent stock, not only who have some of the very coat best markings, but who are also very friendly, the perfect examples of this breed of cat.
Princess Asia has proven herself to be an excellent mother to her litters, making us very proud owners and breeds. We are particularly proud of her soft smooth coat boasting some of the most desirable rosettes, which she passed onto her kittens.
Our first Bengal stud cat, Halloween Pumpkin also has a coat that is truly admired, one that is well marked and a fine example with his piercing green eyes and we look forward to some outstanding litters from him and Princess Asia in 2011.
Here at Shaffia cat breeding we select our queens and studs very carefully with the aim of producing kittens that are simply outstanding both in looks and nature with the primary focus being on the distinguished markings that are expected from this beautiful breed.
If you would like any more information then please do not hesitate to contact Shaffia Bengals. We are only too happy to answer your questions on this fabulous breed.
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