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As soon as kittens are born here at shaffiabengals,they are individually evaluated,as according to coat type,patterns,colour and definition.

All male cats purchased from shaffiabengals are neutered before they leave.This is carried out at 12 wks of age by our local vets as long as the necesssary bits have dropped!!!!.

We believe this will help new owner settle the cat into their new homes and stop sexual behaviour(wanting to escape the house),spraying and of course the most important thing is to stop unrecognised bengal cat breeders.


AVALIABLE/FOR SALE-means this kitten is for sale.

RESERVED-a deposit has been taken.

ON HOLD-kitten is on hold for evaluation(potential breeding cat)




Do bengals really like water?
Bathing your bengal

Do bengals make noises like siamese cats?

Spotted or marble bengals what is the difference?
Rosettes and marble bengals.

Choosing the sex of a Bengal Kitten..... what is best for me?
Do male bengal cats spray? Do they smell? Do male bengals and female bengal cats have heat cycles? What age do they need neutered or sayed?

How long have Shaffia Bengals been breeding Bengal Cats?
We are a small breeder of brown and silver Rossetted Bengal Cats. Shaffia Bengals made its journey into breeding Bengals Cats in 2008 when we purchased our first brown Rossetted Queen Princess Asia...

Where do Bengal Cats originate from?
A Bengal cat is a domesticated cat. It's origin traces back to the Asian Leopard Cat cross bred with a domestic cat...

How big is a typical adult Bengal Cat?
The typical average female Bengal cat weighs aproximately 6 to 8, whilst the mail Bengal Cat, approximately 9 to 15 pounds...

What is a Bengal cat?
The Bengal Cat is a domestic cat, a hybrid that has been bred to resemble a miniature leopard. Whilst their name "Bengal Cat" can be often misleading to some people...

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