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Do bengals really like water?

Welcome to the information page of Shaffia Bengals. As a Bengal cat breeder we welcome questions from potential purchasers of our beautiful brown Bengal cats, rosette Bengals and silver Bengal cats. During our time as Bengal cat breeder we are often asked the same questions time and time again. Here are some of the most popular questions and the answers to those questions.

Do Bengal cats enjoy water?
The majority of cats stay away from water as much as they can as they do not enjoy getting wet. However the Bengal is totally different and loves water. If you are in the bath don’t be surprised if your Bengal decides to join you. On saying this bathing your choice of rosette Bengals is not typically necessary. All that is needed to maintain the superb coat of your Bengal is general combing and brushing.
Do Bengal cats make a noise like a Siamese cat?
Bengal cats do indeed vocalise and often during the growth of your Bengal from cat to kitten you will learn that they communicate with you. Typically Shaffia Bengals have what is often described as short barks along with a loud purring. A breeding queen can disturb the house as she typically makes loud crying noises.
What is the difference between marble and spotted marbles?
Rosette Bengals are typically associated with the leopard cat having multi-shaded light centres on dark spots. These Bengals are very striking and are among some of the most desirable. The Bengal is the only purebred cat that possesses rosettes.
The marbles have a different eye catching pattern with darker whorls on a lighter background with distinctive outlines of darker colours. Three colours are recognised, these being the brown tabby, the seal lynx point and the seal sepia.
All Bengals should have black tips at the end of the tail, lighter bellies that are spotted, small rounded ears and what is termed as a roman nose. Many have white whisker pads on the muzzles, a body that is powerful and well knit, powerful similar to that of the Asia leopard cat.
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How big is a typical adult Bengal Cat?

The typical average female Bengal cat weighs aproximately 6 to 8, whilst the mail Bengal Cat, approximately 9 to 15 pounds...

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Spotted or marble bengals what is the difference?

Rosettes and marble bengals.

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Do bengals make noises like siamese cats?


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