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Shaffia Bengals - Our Bengal Queen Cats...

As a breeder of Bengal Cats our primary aim is to produce excellent temperaments with outstanding prominent markings on all our Bengal Kittens. We select our Bengal Queens carefully to produce outstanding kittens.

Shaffia bengals Venice
Snow mink bengal

Kiabhindi Seattle
Seattle brown spotted bengal with large doughnut rosettes

Silverstorm Malaki
brown spotted queen

Spotticatz Coco Chanel
Coco is my new breeding queen for 2011.She is a blue eyed snow.

Shaffia Shaffia Bengals-now retired
Sire:DB GR-CH Silverglitz Shadow Dam:Goldnglitz Pricess Asia

Goldnglitz Princess Asia
Sire:Canicspots Cheetaro of Goldnglitz Dam:Goldnglitz Lady shimmerin Shakina

Bengal Cats - Litter of Kittens Available

Date Available: 30/07/2014
Kittens Currently Available: 1

2 female and 2 male brown rosetted kittens

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Bengal Cat Bredding Information

How long have Shaffia Bengals been breeding Bengal Cats?

We are a small breeder of brown and silver Rossetted Bengal Cats. Shaffia Bengals made its journey into breeding Bengals Cats in 2008 when we purchased our first brown Rossetted Queen Princess Asia...

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Do bengals really like water?

Bathing your bengal

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Spotted or marble bengals what is the difference?

Rosettes and marble bengals.

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